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About Us


“Let’s start a band!”

That’s every high-schooler’s dream, right?
Well, our high-school dream was a bit different: to create a design company that would bring together the best in all of us.
We’ve known each other for most of our adult(-ish) lives: we went to schoolm together, then to university, and made some other friends on the way who stood by ever since.
What brought us together? A passion for good design. What kept us going? Making it ourselves.
The diversity of our team not only helps us stay in check with reality, but having complementary skills also means we’re doing our best to bring good design closer to you.
● a product designer who has his mind on the details that make a difference
● two architectural designers who make us look at the bigger picture
● a lawyer who keeps us with our feet on the ground
● a design theoretician who helps us find our words
● an engineer who supported us in turning our passion into a professional service

Needless to say, we’re a small team with a big dream. But we’re getting there.



Although these days we’re at least a couple hundred miles away from one another, our creative headquarters is based in one of the most recognisable buildings in Bucharest. The former Casa Scânteii (literally, the house of the spark), now called the House of the Free Press, is the paragon of monumental socialist buildings. But this is exactly the kind of heritage that made us open shop here: now, it is a monument to freedom of expression, and it has become the place where we strike sparks off each other.
It’s where our ideas come to life: from the first sketches, to the final design, and the first prototypes. We love that we have the creative freedom of making our designs from start to finish, and this is the thing that sets us apart.

It’s the place where our ideas come together, and so do we.



Have we told you that we’ve been friends for what seems like a lifetime?
This is what we’ve envisioned for our products as well. Their design springs from our very own experiences. We’ve tried and tested each and every one ourselves. We make products that we know are going to be useful, because we needed them to be.
Our goal is to make understated designs that you can take with you everywhere. We’ve translated our creative freedom in products that encourage an active lifestyle, without cutting down on the quality of design. We hope that they give the freedom to be who you are, wherever you are.
But we’re also very different people. This is why our products are inspired by each other’s needs. We like to think that every product that we make is inspired by one of our friends.

They’re not just friendly products- they’re good design. Keep them close.


We ship worldwide

We’re happy to send our designs wherever you are.
Delivery in 3 to 6 working days inside the EU and EEA, up to 10 working days everywhere else.

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