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10 items to add to your school supplies list

Nowadays, buying school supplies can be done easily and efficiently through online shops. For many students, online is the quickest way to buy quality school supplies without wasting valuable time in shops or bookshops.

Why should you go online to buy school supplies? Because they are much less expensive than those in physical bookstores. If you haven't considered buying school supplies online before, you have every reason to. Buying school supplies online is much simpler, with many price benefits.

In addition, based on your research, you can draw up an indicative list of basic school supplies according to your needs and desires.

What should not be missing from your school supplies list?

The best time to buy your supplies for the coming school year is before the school year starts. However, shopping on the go can sometimes be unavoidable.

Here are the items that could help you throughout the year:

1. Backpack

One of the most important investments you could make. For high school students, the right choice may be a classic and spacious backpack. However, for students things are different. Sometimes you may need to have your laptop with you. So a backpack with a high degree of protection for such an accessory is necessary.

2. Notebooks for school

No matter what grade you're in, a notebook is a must-have item. Whether you opt for separate notebooks for each subject or just one, it's important to have a tool for recording information. Notebooks are one of the main school supplies you need to buy. Notebooks are essential for classes, individual study or even teamwork. You can find many different versions on the market in different sizes and styles.

3. The Bookish One

It's a real investment in storage for your writing instruments. How many times have you lost your pens or even your favorite pen? Backpack pockets often don't guarantee the safety of your items.

The Bookish One comes with a strap that can be attached to any notebook. This makes it less likely to be forgotten and you won't have to spend a lot of time finding your pen among all your notebooks and books. Always opt for items that will help you in the new school or university year!

This product has a number of advantages that everyone would like to enjoy. It is easy to store in any backpack and takes up little space. In this way, you'll make sure you have all the writing tools you need at hand to successfully accomplish all your daily tasks.

4. Highlighters

Studying for a tough test or exam session can be quite a complicated task. Highlighters make it much easier to learn the information you consider most important. Also, using different colors for definitions is an ideal way to make them easier to notice and remember.

5. Writing instruments

Writing instruments should be on your school supplies list! There are school children or students who prefer to purchase classic pens because of the advantages they offer during writing.

It is recommended to opt for a writing tool that will help you take notes in a quick way. This way, you won't miss any information communicated by the teacher.

6. Adhesive Index Tabs

Personalize your books or notebooks easily with these self-adhesive index tabs. With printable inserts included, they make it quick and easy to personalize your documents, while the self-adhesive design helps you apply the tabs to paper.

7. School folder organizer

You never know when you might need a file. Sometimes the projects or assignments you are going to hand in can be better organized when they are included in a folder. Also, your teacher might appreciate your attention to detail and interest in the subject matter. In addition, with their help you will be able to organize your coursework easily and efficiently. The folders should definitely be on your list of school supplies.

8. Flash drive

This item will help you keep all your files safe. For those who work with a lot of files, USB sticks are real life savers that can solve difficult situations. If you need to quickly copy your data from your laptop and you're on the run, the easiest solution is the USB stick.

Its small size and compact shape make it extremely easy to carry and store wherever you go. Now you can take your essential files, photos you want to show your friends or other things that are important to you everywhere.

9. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes can help you attach reminders of important tasks every day. They can be attached to notebooks, books, laptops, desks or any other surface.

10. Pencil, Pencil Sharpeners and erasers

There are certain subjects that require you to buy a set of pencils. Just imagine how complicated it could become to have to make your sketches or drawings with a pen.

If you need to create a diagram or drawing, the pencil is the ideal tool, as it is much more practical and easier. At the same time, the pencil sharpener and eraser are important accessories to add to your list of school supplies.


We hope you find this list of school supplies helpful. Whatever school supplies you choose, always focus on their quality and functionality.


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