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10 Cool Things to Put in Your Wallet

There are so many cool items to put in your wallet that you can use for unexpected moments. We should always have the right tools on hand to make our lives easier. And in this case, your wallet is the perfect place, because it's always with you. If your wallet's space allows, you can take along lots of cool items to help you whenever you need them


A smart wallet compartmentalisation only benefits you. The more compartments it has, the easier it will be to store cool items and keep them in order.

10 Cool Things to Put in Your Wallet

The biggest advantage of the following list is that it applies to everyone. These items are a great help in crisis situations. Although the items are small in size, they have maximum functionality.

So no matter what wallet you have, you can add the following items:

1. External Battery

How many times have you had a dead phone ruin your evening? Also, even if you have a charger, often finding an electrical outlet can become a real challenge. Today, smartphones are one of the most used gadgets. Surely, all of us have had problems with low phone battery. This problem happens frequently and always puts us in difficult situations to manage.

But with a portable slim charger you can easily solve the situation. So it's best to always have this item with you to charge your phone without problems. That way, you won't be put in unpleasant situations such as losing your group of friends or being unable to order transport.

2. Money clip

The best way to keep your money organized in your wallet is to use a money clip. The object takes up very little space and can be used easily. In addition, it protects you from possible accidents such as money falling out of your wallet. The money clip is definitely a cool item that you should not miss in your wallet.

3. The Mighty One - multi-tool

Looking for a multi-functional device that incorporates different tools? This object offered by QIP Design is a great help in many difficult situations. It incorporates 30 tools. Amazing isn't it? Whatever you need, screwdriver, cutter, bottle opener, this object can help you.

So it's your reliable helper in situations that can take you by surprise. The design is simple, but painted in the coolest matte black. As a material it is made of 100% stainless steel and is shock resistant.

It is the size of a credit card, so it can be stored in your wallet. From there, it can easily be used whenever you need it.

4. Spare card key storage

Surely we have faced the problem of losing or forgetting important keys to the house, car, closet or other important place. However, a solution for this situation is quickly found. Buying a key storage space, ideal for your wallet, is the solution. It is one of the items that can save you from critical situations.

Your wallet will always be with you, no matter what your daily responsibilities you have. So if you have a spare key in your wallet, you won't be stressed about possible incidents. Therefore, this key storage card can save you from many crisis situations.

5. Emergency contacts

Always be prepared for even the most unpleasant situations. So it's a good idea to write down some emergency contacts that can be easily found. You could also even write down your own phone number. If you happen to lose your wallet, the finder can contact you without any problem.

6. Cutter

Cutter - Never have a pair of scissors or a cutter handy when you need it? It's time to consider choosing an option that can be included in your wallet. A small-sized cutter can be a real investment. That way you can store it in your wallet and not have to waste time searching for a cutting tool.

7. A Flashlight Card

A cool object with great utility in many situations is the flashlight card. It can be helpful in camping, blackouts, driving and many other stressful situations. This flashlight is versatile and can easily be integrated into a wallet.

8. Portable Phone Stand

There are many situations when you may need a mobile phone holder. This object is useful in situations like:

  • lunch breaks at work when you want to watch videos on your phone;
  • when you want to cook a special meal;
  • calling a friend without holding your phone;
  • driving moments.

It's a useful item in your wallet!

9. Mini Notebook

It is designed specifically to be carried in a wallet. It's the size of a credit card, so it's easy to fit into your card slot. This item can help you in your unexpected business meetings, when you need to give your contact details or any other information useful to your partner.

10. Photos

In the digital age, photos are the order of the day. But photos of loved ones are priceless, especially in difficult moments. A photo can be an ideal way to gain emotional comfort and a sense of belonging.


In conclusion, always choose cool items that you can easily integrate into your wallet and that can only benefit you.


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