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5 ½ Things to Fill The Mindful One with and Reuse It Again and Again

Back when we were designing The Mindful One in the spring of 2020, everyone was rubbing their hands with sanitizer. That was great because it kept us safe, but not so great because of the massive amount of single-use plastics in the shape of sanitizer bottles. Then everyone started DIY-ing their own hand sanitizer and got really creative with the recipients for it (I, for one, used a vinegar spritzer). 


Enter The Mindful One, a thoughtful solution to this small mess. With a bottle made of aluminium and a sleeve made of medical grade antibacterial silicone, it’s endlessly reusable and 90% recyclable (by weight). But it wouldn’t be a truly sustainable product if you could use it for just one thing, right? So we came up with a small list of things you can fill it with and make sure you reuse it again and again.


#1 Hand sanitizer

Okay, pretty obvious, but hear us out. Instead of getting a small bottle of sanitizer every week, why not invest in a larger quantity (there’s plenty of options out there) that’ll last you upwards of a month, and reuse your daily bottle? You’re gonna need it anyway and larger recipients are more sure to get recycled. Or have some fun with it. Did you know that The Mindful One’s packaging includes a DIY hand sanitizer recipe? It’s got everything, from quantities to the tools you’ll need, as well as some tips. Keeping yourself, your loved ones, and the planet safe has never been easier.

Here's how:


#2 Mouthwash

The one thing we missed most while working remotely was sharing a big, tasty lunch with the whole team. There’s nothing like bonding with your friends and coworkers over a meal. But then you have to get back to work, and maybe you’ll have a meeting and maybe that lunch was so great because it had tons of garlic in it. Stay on top of things, especially when no one in the office has any chewing gum. Fill The Mindful One with you favourite mouthwash, spritz and you’re ready to go.


#3 Micellar Water

It’s not a self-care staple for nothing. There’s plenty of ways to use it, either for a quick touch-up to your make-up, or for an overall refresh for your entire face, it’s the most multi-purpose of cosmetics. Spray it on your hands for a bit of hydration and care, or even use it at home to clean your make-up brushes. It’s always easier to use it as a mist, especially on-the-go, trust me.


#4 Bug Repellent

If you’re in a warmer, or more humid climate, or even in good old summer, there’s something we all agree on: getting bug bites is not great. There’s a lot of options out there to keep critters away from your skin, but in my experience, they’re kinda nasty smelling and sticky. So here’s a DYI recipe a friend shared with me: fill The Mindful One with water, and add 3 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops of tea tree oil. The scent of the lavender will keep the bugs away, and if you already have some bites, the tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory properties will keep the itch in check. You’ll thank me later.


#5 Displays and Eyeglasses Cleaner

This is a 2-in-1 because usually what works for one, works for the other, and viceversa. There’s a myriad of formulas out there, as well as DYI options, find whatever works for you. But, as always, we recommend taking a mindful *wink-wink* approach and shop and/or craft with versatility and care for the environment in mind.



What tricks have you got up your sleeve to make sure you’ll be reusing The Mindful One again and again? Let us know.

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